Tider, Turkey
14 Jun

FoodChain Global along with our partner Tider in Turkey distributed food to families that were impacted by the devastating earthquake. Our team mainly purchased quality food items such as canned tuna fish, cheese, milk and olives. About Tider Unfortunately, life does not offer similar chances to all of us. Some of us struggle to exerc...
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São Paulo, Brazil - Banco de Alimentos
28 Nov

FoodChain Global purchased 234 food baskets and worked together with Banco de Alimentos to distribute them to vulnerable students of the Pro-Dance NGO (Associação Pró-Dança). In Brazil, 125 million people live in a situation of food insecurity. The NGO Banco de Alimentos has been operating since 1998 helping people in situations of food ins...
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Blue Dragon, Vietnam
4 Jul

FoodChain Global along with our partners in Vietnam Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation started distributing food to families. Each package included rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, egg, noodle, peanuts, and vegetables. Many people in Vietnam are struggling to find work and at the same time the high inflation makes it that much more difficult to ...
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FoodForward South Africa
28 Apr

FoodChain Global contributed to a Beneficiary Organization in South Africa providing food for vulnerable community members through a food security program. The donation supported FoodForawad SA to pursue a vison of a South Africa without hunger. Breakdown included items such as Maize (largest grain crop in SA), peas, canned beans, fresh veget...
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FBYR - Concord, Canada
17 Mar

FoodChain Global delivered 680lbs of shelf-stable food Breakdown of items: 192 cans of tuna, 198 cans of soup, 130 boxes of crackers, 168 cans of beans, 50 bags of 1kg flour, and 50 boxes of multi grain Cheerios About FBYR The Food Bank of York Region (FBYR) is a registered Canadian charity committed to providing hunger-relief to people exper...
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Haven on the Q - Etobicoke, Canada
30 Sep

FoodChain Global delivered 1 pallet of shelf-stable food Breakdown of items: 100 cans of chicken, 100 cans of tuna, 100 cans of chickpeas, 200 packs of trail mix nuts, 100 oversize 1.5kg boxes of Cheerios About Haven on the Queensway They offer services that lessens the effects of poverty and homelessness, addiction and recovery, distributing...
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Daily Bread - Toronto, Canada
29 Sep

FoodChain Global delivered 2 pallets of shelf-stable food Breakdown of items: 300 cans of chicken, 300 cans of tuna, 300 cans of chickpeas, 700 packs of trail mix nuts, 300 oversize 1.5kg boxes of Cheerios About Daily Bread Founded in 1983, Daily Bread Food Bank has grown to become one of Canada’s largest food banks. From its 108,000 sq.ft...
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