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Every human across the globe should be on top of the food chain

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain to fight hunger around the world

Roadmap Roadmap

Q4: 2022
Q4: 2022
  • Announce strategic partnerships with recognized leading organizations.
  • Continued Donations to established food organizations around the world.
  • Expand token listings to additional top exchanges.
  • Launch FoodChain merchandise store.
  • Continue food donations to help those in need
  • Explore additional strategic partnerships
  • Expand Donations to the Metaverse
  • Become global leader in new giving organization for the 21st century
  • Widespread acceptance of the FOOD token.

We believe that food is a human right

FoodChain Global has set out to become a trend setting brand and giving organization. We give directly to charities and to community members in need.

Hunger is an ancient problem that continues to harm people all over the world. Every year approximately 9 million people die of hunger and over 140 million people suffer from malnutrition. (Source: World Bank, NPR)

Let’s grow together!

In order to tackle the global food crisis the FoodChain Global project is focused on providing digital products that speak to Millennials and GenZ. Need support or if you are interested in working with us to better our world, please contact us using the form below.